Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Shoes... but more importantly Spreadsheets

So I don't know if you've noticed this about me before, but I'm really excited about my wedding. And planning it. And organizing it. :) The week I got back from my vacation (Mike and I were engaged for 3 days before I went on a 9 day vacation without him), I created a google spreadsheet with a to-do list 60 items long. Mike was horrified.
(click for larger image)
With 78 items on the list now, we're not deleting things we've accomplished, just shading them differently. This is mostly just so I can feel good about my accomplishments. :) The spreadsheet now includes different sheets for the to-do list, vendor payments, day-of schedule, dj options, dress shops, reception site options, reception math, everything we've worked on to date. I thought I was good.

Then Leah sent me the most amazing thing ever. (click for larger image)

This is a detailed and intricate spreadsheet listing 34 possible wedding shoe options with links, sort-able by designer, name, price, heel, toe, style, fabric, and color. And asked me to insert my comments on each to help her adjust her search accordingly. Not only is this a feat of bridesmaidly wonderfulness, it is an organizational and research marvel that I just had to share with the internet!

And... I think I found my shoes! And best of all, has a 365 day return policy so even if I change my mind, buying them more than a YEAR before my wedding is still totally acceptable!

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