Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My Fiance is Amazing

As a newly engaged person, I have to say that my fiance is amazing. He did, after all, just get me a very pretty, very shiny piece of jewelry. But the amazing-ness that is my fiance goes well beyond bling. It includes quotes like this.
I will do whatever you decide is best.
Now Mike is by no means a push over when it comes to wedding stuff. He's a far cry from the non-involved grooms-to-be that just show up at their weddings. When asked, he offers opinions on everything from photographers to bridesmaid dress colors to table numbers. Not only does it make it more "our" wedding, it also helps me decide if my opinions are crazy, or if I am actually invested in them. Which, when you're considering things like $1,000 chair covers and $6 a bag M&M's, is very important! (Don't worry, you won't be seeing either of those at our wedding, cooler heads prevailed)

What's most amazing about my fiance is that he knows when to say these things. He can tell when I actually need his opinion about something, or if I'm just asking out of courtesy. And he knows the absolute best ways to calm down my occasionally frazzled self.

I realize I'm mostly gushing, and this has almost nothing to do with the wedding and is probably not very interesting. But he's awesome. Thought you should know. :)

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Leah said...

Honey, this has *everything* to do with the wedding! It's *why* you're marrying him! :-)