Friday, August 1, 2008


So this is SUPER premature. I know. Unlike the reception site, the photographer and the DJ, our centerpieces are not going to book up before we decide what we do. Nonetheless, I'm thinking about it. Cause, well, I'm a little loopy.

So. Centerpieces. I've known since I started thinking about my wedding (which, contrary to popular belief wasn't a full 11 years ago) that I didn't want big elaborate floral centerpieces. I didn't want anything too high or too cluttered. They just aren't my style. If I was going to do floral centerpieces, they'd be simple. Like this:
Pretty, simple, classic. I'll likely do red flowers, but this would be the gist. Maybe a clear bowl instead of the white vase, but just that.

But what if I don't want floral centerpieces? After all, wedding flowers are expensive, complicated, fragile, easily ruined, wilted or destroyed. What if I did something else? Like candles...
A wider view of this type of arrangement:

I think it's so dramatic. It's still simple in its concept but I think it's just so darn elegant. If I did do candles, they'd have to be unscented (all those candles would overpower to food). The reception venue permits candles as long as they're in glass - so this would be totally allowable.

I still have PLENTY of time to decide what I'm going to do for my centerpieces. So if you have any ideas - let me know!


Leah said...

I am a *huge* fan of the candle-and-glass idea! Way better than the flowers, easy to set up and take down. How do you feel about white *and* red candles if they match your colors? We had also talked about putting a red napkin under the centerpiece to give it a "boarder" and tie the whole look together.

Kristin Marie said...

I think the red candles might look FAB in there. I do like the simplicity of just white (or cream) candles, but the red would certainly be dramatic!