Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Photographer Visit

Mike and I drove up to York, ME this past weekend to meet with the second of the two photographers we're considering for the wedding, Amy Root-Donle.

As you may remember, we narrowed our choices down to two photographers, the aforementioned Amy and also Geoff Forester. After the DJ, we think that the photographer is one of the most important vendors to consider. It is through them that we'll be reminded of all the best details and moments of the wedding that will likely go by in a blur that day. So we have to trust them to do what we cannot - be level headed and observant and in all places at once that day when we're going to be much to busy giving each other googly eyes and, I imagine, hugging just about everyone we know.

We met with Geoff a couple weeks ago and were very impressed with him. He showed us a variety of his work, some selected shots and, most importantly, a full wedding album. This was important for us because we knew any photographer worth anything could get a select amount of great shots over a variety of weddings, but we needed someone who could capture all those great moments in our day. And he had a dog at his office, so he was a big hit with Mike.

We met with Amy this past weekend at her home/studio in York, ME. The drive up was absolutely worth it! Her work is really fantastic. And beyond that, she made us SO comfortable the instant we met her. She was pleasant, professional, thoughtful. She talked about her style, how she works, all that. And when Mike told her about our idea of our exit out of the church, she was almost as excited as he was! Someone who can get that pumped about our silly ideas is good in our book!

Our plan now is to hash out the details and try to book her as soon as we can!

Next up... our tasting at the Puritan!

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just melissa is fine said...

yeah photographers! I have three things picked out for my wedding (yes, I know I have to work a few things before I can actually get married). They are: my mom will make the cake, I will dance to Paul Simon with my dad, and Ihave picked out my photographer. Is it wrong that I have these things picked out before I have found my man? I think not. I think you'll agree. No cart before the horse here.