Friday, July 25, 2008

Wedding Math

So now that we've been to all of the reception venue possibilities, Mike and I have to sit down and actually make... a decision!

Each of the venues we've visited have things we liked about it. The Crowne Plaza was fancy and pretty and had a great menu. The Derryfield had a good room and pretty grounds. Candia Woods was affordable, had a great package and pretty picture spots. The Highlander Inn was.... um.... close to the airport. The Granite Rose had a great room, a good package, nice extras like a bridal suite and a day-of coordinator. The Puritan was affordable, had a nice room, and yummy chicken fingers (though doubtful we'll be serving those at the reception!).

Right away there is one we can take off the list. That leaves five possibilities. So this weekend we will will embark on Wedding Math!

More complicated than calculus, trickier than trigonometry, more grueling than geometry, Wedding Math requires complex algorithms, advanced theory, and, well, a lot of multiplication. Things we'll be taking into account: price per plate - and what it includes (salad? soup? seated meal or buffet? champagne toast?); package -and what it includes (dj? limo? hotel room?); proximity to the ceremony site and hotels; look and feel of the venue - both the room and the picture places; quality of food; etc.

Just thinking about it makes my brain a little wobbly. But hopefully we'll come out of this weekend with a definitive choice, and one that hasn't been booked on our date yet!

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