Friday, July 25, 2008

The kittens

So this is only marginally related to the wedding, but I wanted to post a picture of the newest additions to our little family.

Spike is the one on the left, black long-haired. Dru is on the right. They're just the cutest!

When I asked Mike what he wanted for an engagement gift, he had to think about it. First he wanted a puppy, but after realizing that we just don't have the lifestyle right now for a puppy, he decided he wanted not one, but two kittens. I was a little hesitant at first, especially since we already have two wonderful cats, Jake and Chewbacca. But I am easily swayed by cute things, so it wasn't tough to convince me to get them...

Now our little family consists of four cats and the two of us. It's nice to take a step back from reading all of the wedding blogs, looking at venues, and shopping for dresses, and realize what we're doing. We're getting married. We're starting our own family. Kids are still a little ways off for us, but in the mean time, we'll be the Grages Family. And we'll have Spike and Dru and Jake and Chewie to make sure we rarely make it through a full night's sleep.

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