Monday, July 28, 2008

We have a decision!

Well just about...

We've selected a venue (yay!) after some seriously advanced math last night. While I made dinner last night (yummy roast chicken, mashed potatoes, green beans), Mike sat in the dining room with the computer and did all of the math. We looked at how many courses a place offered, specific packages and what was included, and just about everything else.

Drumroll please....

Things haven't been officially finalized with deposits and all that, but we're pretty excited with the decision and we think all other stakeholders (read: my dad, who's helping out with some of the moola) will be pleased with our decision. It's affordable, easy to get to, near hotels, within 35 minutes driving distance from the chapel, has yummy food, and is super accommodating and flexible.

So flexible in fact, that when I called our contact there, she put our date on hold right away! I'd explained to her until we had a stakeholder meeting (ie - dinner at my dad's on Thursday to discuss), we couldn't officially reserve the date since the deposit is due within seven days of the reservation. She told me it was no problem if it was two weeks or three and that she'd put our rooms on reserve right away for the time and date we wanted!

Now I want to clear something up... Once upon a time (like, say, 6 months ago), I may have made a disparaging remark (or two or three) about the idea of having a wedding at the Puritan. While I'd been to the Backroom (the restraunty part, not the function hally part) and enjoyed both their mudslides and their chicken fingers, it seemed like an odd place for a reception. I was hesitant, at first, to even visit it. It seemed dark and old and not very formal.

Which was why the Puritan was the last on our Reception Venue World Tour. After visiting five other places and not finding anything that felt just right, I was more than happy to give just about anything a try. And besides, as Mike said, I was just being snobby. So I booked the appointment, and we went. I am so glad we did!

The rooms we have are so pretty. The first picture shows the view from what would be our head table. The second shows a view of the two rooms with the divider open. The third shows the permanent dance floor (and the divider closed on the far wall). We're really excited. It's nothing elaborate or crazy, but it's ours and we'll certainly make it our own!


Meghan said...

One of my best friends from high school had her reception there (the wedding I went to the weekend of the Cowboys game last year) and it was GORGEOUS!!! I was thoroughly surprised at how nice the place was. Not that the restaurant part of the Backroom isn't nice, but the function hall was just breath taking. As you know, I'm not one for beauty and sophistication, so the place MUST be nice if I'M making comments on how beautiful it is :) Hope the rest of your planning is going well!!

Kristin Marie said...

Oh that's right - I remember you mentioning that now! I must have subconsciously remembered that when we were looking for places. Thanks!

Kels said...

Beautiful Kristin!